Association of Units of Chronic Dialysis

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The Association of Centers of Chronic Dialysis, Dialysis Greece, leader in the field of kidney health, offers effectively, with consistency and respect towards the human-patient with chronic kidney problems, quality services for his life.

Our state of the art Dialysis Centers have all the approved systems of the best dialysis and hemodialysis machines from the German manufacturer B Brown AG, as they are in Europe.

Except for the excellent machines and foundations that all of our Centers for Chronic Dialysis have, our philosophy focuses on the human being. Hence, monitoring human-patients, who trust us for many years, is done by prominent nephrologists scientists, while the solicitude that they are given explains the expertise of our nursing personnel.

As we are an important part of the everyday life of our human-patients, we see to do the best by creating conditions of comfortable and friendly environment which proves to create friendships and relationships of mutual respect.

The Centers of Chronic Dialysis, Dialysis Greece, have an agreement with all Health Insurance Funds.